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About Maine South High School

PSAT Results for the Class of 2015

In the 2015 National Merit Program, six Maine South students were named National Merit Scholar Finalists, six students were named Semifinalists, and 15 students were named Commended Students based upon superior achievement.

Pattern of School Year/Length of Day

The 185-day school year is divided into two semesters. Nine 45-minute periods make up the school day, allowing students to complete a wide variety of required and elective courses. Laboratory classes are 70 minutes in length.

Grading System

The weighted GPA calculation recognizes more difficult courses by assigning different grade point values as shown below. The non-weighted GPA is calculated on a 4-point scale.

Accelerated &
Advanced Placement
Regular &
A 5 4
B 4 3
C 3 2
D 1 1
F 0 0

Detailed Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 23.25 academic units of credit are required for graduation. Coursework must include the following: English, four units; mathematics, three units; social sciences, three units; science, three units; two units of credit from any of the following—fine arts, applied arts and technology, or foreign language; one-quarter credit each of oral communications and consumer education; one-half unit of health; elective credit, five units; physical education each semester except when enrolled in health; driver education; and examinations on the Declaration of Independence, the Flag of the United States, the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Illinois

The Faculty

A talented and dedicated certified staff of about 200 provides the motivation for student achievement. Approximately 80 percent of South's teachers have an MA degree or beyond.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses are offered in American History and European History, American Government and Comparative Government, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Physics C, Environmental Science, Calculus AB/BC, Spanish, French, German, Computer Science, Economics, Music Theory, Art, Statistics, and Psychology.

Post-Secondary Education

In 2014, 89 percent of Maine South graduates continued their education (70% to 4-year colleges, and 19% to 2-year colleges).

Ability Level Grouping

Maine South has four ability level programs which are organized in academic subjects by each year: the Advanced Placement Program, Accelerated Program, Regular Program, and Transitional Program. Students are selected for these programs based on previous academic achievement. Students may take courses at various levels in different subjects.

Grading System

Maine South reports a weighted and non-weighted grade point average (GPA) on the transcript.  GPA for all courses are calculated on a four-point scale.  Accelerated and AP courses are given one additional bonus point, which is reflected in the weighted GPA.  Class rank is no longer being calculated.  Maine Scholars represent the top 1 percent of the senior class.  Driver Education does not count in the GPA. Physical Education counts in the non-weighted GPA, but not in the weighted GPA. In a Pass/Fail course, a passing grade does not affect a student's GPA; however, a failing grade will be figured into the student's total GPA as a zero.

ACT Results for the Class of 2015

In the Class of 2015, Maine South students earned a mean composite score of 24.0, or 25.0 without the inclusion of extended-time scores. The chart below compares South's scores with state and national scores.

ACT Data 
Score Comparisons
Maine South 24.0 (Composite)
Illinois 20.7 (Composite)
National 21.0 (Composite)


The School and Community

Maine Township High School South serves most of Park Ridge and portions of Harwood Heights, Niles, Norridge, and Norwood Park Township. Primarily residential, the attendance area of the school also includes some light industry, office developments, and shopping areas. Comprised mostly of single family homes, neighborhoods range from modest to affluent and also include a mix of apartments, townhomes, and condominiums. Maine South High School lies thirty minutes northwest of downtown Chicago.

Primarily homogeneous, Maine South also includes a small language minority population. In 2015-2016, 22% of students speak one of 42 languages other than English at home.

Student enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year was 2,408. The student-teacher ratio was 19 to 1. The average class size was 21.1.

The citizens of Maine South's communities demand a comprehensive, innovative, and rigorous educational program for their youth. Curriculum offerings at Maine South are extensive, with over 200 courses offered in 13 departments including the fine arts, and applied arts and technology. Educational horizons are broadened via South's distance learning and video conferencing capabilities, allowing student learning to expand into the larger community.

A rich curricula and outstanding programs provide students with multiple learning opportunities. Parental and community support further guarantee an outstanding secondary education, and the entire community benefits from South's outstanding cultural and athletic events and from students' active participation in community service.

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