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Chicago Metro History Fair


The Chicago Metro History Fair asks students to complete a research project on an aspect of Chicago History focused on an annual theme. Students report their research in the form of a museum exhibit, video documentary, web site, live performance or a traditional research paper. This competition begins with judging and an exhibition at the Maine South History Fair. If projects are selected to advance, they may continue with the Suburban Regional, City-Wide Finals, State Finals and the National History Day competition just outside of Washington DC. Judging occurs at each level leading up to nationals to determine advancing projects and cash prizes/scholarships are available starting with the city-wide finals.
Historian, Museum Curator, Web Site Design, Marketing, Communication, Theater/Drama, Media Production, Documentarian, Author, Librarian, Educator, Sociologist, Social Scientist, Researcher, Politician, Lawyer.
Contact Mr. Biondo for more information. 
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