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Hawk Pride


Chris Deger CDEGER@MAINE207.ORG 
Warren Scott WSCOTT@MAINE207.ORG

An organization that is dedicated to character education at Maine South High School. Hawk Pride members work with their peers in attempting to instill and support the elements of pride, respect, involvement, dignity and empathy throughout the school through the activities of volunteering, character education lessons, role modeling, etc. To become a member, you can apply at the end of your sophomore year and selection is based upon academic achievement, character references and faculty input.

This activity can enhance skills with any career or an aspect of career in which one works with groups. Ideally, it would fit well with psychology and sociology, but collaborative work in any field would be bolstered by this activity. Business, education (pre-K, primary, & secondary), counseling, social work, community service, volunteer service, parks & recreation, hospitality, government (any level), law enforcement, criminal justice, and family services would be enhanced by this type of experience.

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