'207's Best' for April honored for technology leadership

'207's Best' April 2017 Maine South
'207's Best' honored for technology leadership
Posted on 04/03/2017
Three seniors were recently honored by the Maine Township High School District 207 Board of Education as “207's Best.”  For the April honors, Isaiah Easo, of Maine East; Grant Hallock, of Maine South; and Aaron Schreyer-Miller, of Maine West, were recognized for Technology Leadership/Innovation.

In his introductory letter, Maine South Principal Shawn Messmer cited Grant Hallock’s in-school accomplishments and independent business pursuits. In addition to excelling in Intro to Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and College Accounting, Mr. Messmer said Grant is known among many staff members as “The Sneaker Guy” because of his success with his start-up company. Grant started by reselling limited-edition shoes. Faced with the challenge of managing a growing physical inventory, he moved his business online and now, after working with an engineer in India, sells purchasing apps or “bots” to customers wanting to buy limited-edition shoes and clothing so that he no longer faces the logistics of delivering shoes. His Entrepreneurship teacher, Mr. Greguras, stated: “It would be easy for someone Grant’s age who has been so successful to let it go to his head, but Grant realizes that what he has accomplished is just the tip of the iceberg and knows that the more he learns the more successful he will become.” Grant told the Board he plans to attend Indiana University, the University of Iowa or the University of Arizona.

The “207's Best’ program recognizes outstanding students monthly throughout the school year.  Academic achievement awards are given in two months.  Awards for community service, fine arts, improved performance, elective area of achievement, technology leader/innovator and extracurricular achievement are given one month each.  Teachers nominate students, and an executive committee makes final decisions.  Honorees are then recognized by the Board of Education, which instituted the program.
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