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Let's talk a little about career planning! Why is it important? How do you get started?  First of all, have you ever tried to answer the question: "What will you do when you grow up?" Do you know what you like to do but don't know how that would connect to college or a career? The information and links below can help you get started!!

Suggested Activities & Websites for Career Exploration

Careers Clusters and Suggested Sites for Career Exploration

Bookmark your school’s career resource center website - plan on checking this site regularly!  Many college and career resources and links are provided here for you.  Stay up to date on college and career opportunities, college visits to your high school CRC, scholarship and financial aid events.

Maine South Home page > Departments > Career Resource Center (CRC)
Note:  each red box is a link to help you navigate the college and career planning process.
Family Connection by Naviance:
Click on the Careers tab.  Complete the Cluster Finder and Career Interest Profiler under "What Are My Interests" to get a list of college majors and careers that relate to YOUR interests!  To create your own account, use the user name (usually your complete Maine South email address) and password you established during your sophomore and junior year with the counselors.  You can reset your password if you have forgotten it!
Job Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Find answers to questions like:  are there job opportunities in this career field?  Are jobs expected to grow or decline in the future?  What will my day look like?  How much education do I need for this job?  What is the average salary in this job?  And much, much more!
Illinois Department of Employment Security
Trying to decide on a college? In addition to being an excellent source for career exploration, this site has an easy-to-use college search feature.  Find the CIS link to access Illinois Career Information System, create your own account, and get started on any number of college, career, and interest inventories!

Click on Individuals > Career Information > scroll down and locate Illinois Career Information System (CIS) > CIS
                             Log in with:  username:  Illinois  -  password:  careers
Programs of Study:  Use the links below to explore the 16 Career Clusters.  Learn about the related coursework and activities that can help you prepare for your college and career path!

Student Science Resource Site:
There are many opportunities for our students to experience science outside of our school day, and this site is dedicated to helping generate awareness about those happenings and events.
NSERVE:  Connecting Academics to the World of Work
NSERVE is a Career and Technical Education consortium of nine high schools in the northern suburbs of Chicago, representing approximately 24,000 secondary students.  Click on Programs of Study tab to access suggested course preparation for various career clusters.
Explore your community and talk to family & friends to explore Real World Experience Programs such as job shadowing, informational interviews, resume writing, internships, and part time employment.
Detailed Descriptions of the World of Work
National Association of Colleges and Employers
What do you want to do for a living?
Explore HEALTH Careers
Career Profile
Green Careers Guide
Demand Occupation List
Questions to Ask about a Career
How did you develop your interest in your field?
What high school subjects would you recommend to prepare for this field?
What training and/or experience is necessary after high school to enter your occupation?
What special skills and abilities does your job require?
What do you do in a typical day at work?
What are your responsibilities?
What do you most look forward to as you head to work each day?
Are there opportunities for advancement in this field?
Could a person who has the preparation and experience required easily attain a job in your occupation?
What changes are taking place in your occupation?
What is the employment outlook for your field?
How will new technology affect your occupation?
What are some of the best things about your field?
What are some of the worst things about your field?
What kind of person “fits” into this occupation?  Who would not be happy?
What advice would you offer young people entering the work force today?
Click on the videos below for quick tips to help you land a job!!!
What's your favorite subject? Find out what you can do with it!!
Click on these helpful links from Ferris State University (MI) and Northern Illinois University for answers to the popular question:  "WHAT CAN I DO WITH A MAJOR IN ______________________________?" and explore your career options!!

Here is a list of 9 Hot New Majors.
Click above to find valuable summer opportunities and links for exploration.
Do you know what to major in the future?

Public Service Careers
This site provides information on education and careers in the new public sector-government, nonprofits, nongovernmental organization, consulting, contracting, and academia.  For more information, visit
Discover Interpreting
This site provides information by the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Center to teach people about education and career opportunities in American Sign Lanquage interpreting.  For more information visit
Genomic Careers
This site provides an overview of more than 50 careers in genomics-including bioinformaticians, biomedical engineers, clinical cytogeneticists, environmental geneticist, forensic investigators, genetic counselors, genetic engineers, genetic nurses, nanotechnologists, and reproductive veterinarians.  For more information visit

Chemical Engineers in Action
This site provides information about the field of chemical engineering.  Chemical engineers do work that affects nearly every aspect of our lives.  They help develop processes that protect our water, develop new sterilization techniques that protect people from food-borne illnesses, and play an important role in the energy industry.  For more information visit

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