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College Planning Information

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Family Connection
Family Connection will be your primary source of college planning information.

  • Here we keep track of Maine South students and their applications to many different colleges - see the Scattergrams.
  • You can also conduct a college search by entering many different factors that are important to you - see College Search.
  • It is also very easy to navigate between college websites or find information on a specific college- see College Lookup.
  • You can access the CRC Visit Schedule through the Family Connection program and by signing up, you will receive an email reminder from the college about their visit to the CRC.
  • Throughout the year, reminders, suggestions, college search tips, and communications from your counselor and the CRC all come through Family Connection!
  • Click on the Careers tab to complete an interest inventory and explore various careers and career clusters.

Know your user name and password!

Oakton and Triton Admission & Registration Activities
for Maine South High School Seniors - Fall 2016

For tips on financing college, please visit our Scholarship Links and Financial Aid webpages.  For tips on managing the college search process, please review resources below.

Questions To Ask a College Representative:

Take control of your college search!! What do YOU want to know? Here is a form developed by our very own Jessica G, Class of 2013, to keep track of the information she would get from a college tour or from meeting with a representative in the Maine South CRC.  Click here for  "Questions to Ask a College Representative"

4-Year High School to College Planning Guide:
College preparation begins freshman year.  There are things that can be done throughout high school to prepare.  For example, attend College Night and Financial Aid programs early!  See the following link for a college preparation timeline:  Path to College Checklist.  

The College Application Tips for Staying Organized:
Each college to which you apply has different requirements. Come up with a system to keep track of the various components and deadlines. Below is one checklist that can help you stay organized:

Pointers for the Selective College Admissions Process
Applying to selective colleges and universities is more here for suggestions on how to tackle these important admissions pieces:  the essay, the interview, the college visit and more.
College Board
Visit the College Board website to explore colleges and find out information about the PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests and AP tests.  A list of SAT and SAT Subject testing dates is located on the right hand side of this page.

Use the College Board's site for college, career and test prep:
Use this site to register online for the ACT tests.  The ACT site also offers free test prep as well as other college & career planning resources.  A list of ACT testing dates is located on the right hand side of this page.
click on Writing Option > to see what your college has decided about the Writing Test
Test Prep - look to the right hand side of this page for the Test Prep Tutor List.
Illinois Department of Employment
Trying to decide on a college? In addition to being an excellent source for career exploration, this site has an easy-to-use college search feature.  Find the CIS link to access Illinois Career Information System, create your own account, and get started on any number of college, career, and interest inventories!

Click on Individuals > Career Information > scroll down and locate Illinois Career Information System (CIS) > CIS
                             Log in with:  username:  Illinois  -  password:  careers
To find the school search/sort feature, go to the EDUCATION tab.  Scroll to the section that says, "How Do I Choose a Program?" > Sort Schools > Undergraduate.  Develop your own personalized list of schools choosing factors of interest to you:  Location, Admissions, Academics, Size and Type, Tuition and Financial Aid, Sports, and Student Life and Activities.

Go See Campus
This is a free website that helps students and parents plan campus visits online and make the most of the college search.  The site's College Trip Planner lets users search for colleges, create a schedule for visits, and connect to school resources and activities. For more information visit
Make sure you know what is needed to participate athletically at the college level.
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