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Family Connection

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Link to access Family Connection

Family Connection by Naviance is a secure, web-based college research tool. It will help families analyze the most up- to-date college application trends and it will help the CRC communicate with families more effectively.

Family Connection will help you —


With the tools that Family Connection provides we will be better able to lead students in creating a post high school plan. Students can take a look at their personality type and think about how their strengths and weaknesses can affect their future plans. Students can also complete My Gameplan which will help them think about what they want in a college.


With Family Connection the CRC has a powerful tool to help us "spread the word" about new opportunities. For example, the CRC sends individual or group e-mails to families about upcoming events, scholarships available, and college reps who will be visiting! We will also post the schedule of visits by college reps and local scholarship information.


Families have a great place to start researching colleges! Family Connection uses data from Hobson’s in their powerful search engine. Families can search by type of school, size, location, majors, sports, and more! As students find colleges that meet their criteria, they should save those schools under My Colleges!


In the past, when families analyzed the GPAs and test scores needed to get in to a college, they were looking at national averages. These national averages may, or may not have been a good comparison for Maine South students. NOW… with Family Connection, we collect application data from Maine South seniors so that we can see how colleges are admitting (or not admitting) students just from Maine South! You can do this at home by looking up the Scattergrams of a college. And that is just the beginning of how you can dissect college admission trends! Here is valuable information at your finger tips!

Things to do in Family Connection -

Click on the My Colleges and About Metabs to find the following:

My Resume

Great resume builder. Document your accomplishments throughout high school. Teachers and counselors may use this to help write your recommendation letters. Include the final draft with any applications.

My Game Plan

Answer questions that help you focus on your goals after high school. This should be updated regularly.

My Colleges

Save your favorite colleges here! This will help us know which schools you are interested in.
College Search – Great place to start sifting through all of the colleges out there. After you have a list of potential schools, come to the CRC to learn more!


The best way to answer the questions of what you need in order to be admitted.

College Match

An interesting way to see where Maine South grads with your profile were accepted.

College Lookup

What are this school’s overlaps? Look at the Application History.

CRC Visit Schedule

Find out about College Rep visits to Maine South. Click on the school and you will be sent a reminder email!
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