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The English program at Maine South has the following major goals: students will be able, at various levels of skill development, to (1) read with understanding and fluency, (2) understand the expressed meaning in literature representative of various societies, eras, and ideas, (3) write to communicate for a variety of purposes, (4) listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations, (5) use reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to research and apply information for specific purposes. Regardless of course classifications, students will have experiences leading them to the successful accomplishment of these five goals. 






Journalism - Semester 2 | Class Publication

Click on the cover image below to view the second edition of Mr. McGowan's Journalism class spotlighting the spring musical Big Fish.




Journalism - Semester 1 | Class Publication

Click on the cover image below to view the first edition of Mr. McGowan's Journalism class featuring the Maine South Girls Cross Country Team.





Michael Hainey Visits Maine South


Michael Hainey, New York Times best-selling author, deputy editor of GQ Magazine, and member of the Class of 1982, visited Maine South on October 27th, 2014 to discuss his life, writing, and his book After Visiting Friends.


Some of the thoughts that Mr. Hainey shared included, "We are all made of stories;" "When you write, you are picking up a pen, you're not picking up a bat;" and "Work comes from work." 


Michael Hainey speaking to current junior and senior students  who had read an excerpt or all of After Visiting Friends.


Mr. Hainey also commented, "All roads lead back to [the class] Literature of Chicago."  Here he is photograped with his Literature of Chicago teacher, Bill Drennan, and Maine South's current Literature of Chicago teachers.  From left to right: Alex Stathakis, Jason Marsicano, Michael Hainey, and Bill Drennan. 


Click here to learn more about After Visiting Friends. 



Kuehl Prize | Audio Essays

Created by Mrs. Corelitz's English 2 Accelerated Students | 2012-2013

For our Kuehl Prize project, we began by exploring what types of social "dis-eases" are present in the daily life of a Maine South student.  One class was interested in exploring social media and screen addiction; the other wanted to look at overcommitment--specifically homework and stress levels.  We were inspired by our guest speakers Gwen Macsai of Re:Sound, Sandi Wisenberg of Northwestern University's Creative Writing Department, and Kevin Coval of Young Chicago Authors.  Students then worked together as both a large class and in smaller groups to create these essays; it was a truly collaborative effort.  Whether recording "found sounds" in the hallways, going without screens for a week, or interviewing class members, students worked creatively and thoughtfully.  We hope you enjoy our essays!
Click on the links below to vist Sound Cloud where the audio essays are being hosted.

English 2 Accelerated - 7th Period

English 2 Accelerated | 7th Period

      English 2 Accelerated - 8th Period

English 2 Accelerated | 8th Period

7th Period


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