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September 18, 2023
August 2023 Construction Update

Maine Township Referendum Project

August 2023 Update



  • Neighbor Relations
  • Project Summary




No neighbor issues to report.  



Current Progress

Maine East:  

Area B – All work & inspections have been complete. Furniture has been installed and staff have moved into their classrooms. Punch lists have been issued and completion is on-going during off-hours while students/staff are not present. The space is under permanent temperature controls, however there are some minor programming corrections being completed to the mechanical system. Outstanding Test & Balance items are also being addressed as needed.

Auditorium – All sprinkler/Fire Alarm work is complete, house lighting installed, and plaster patching is complete. Theater curtain and rigging scope is still on-going due to unforeseen existing conditions. Punch lists have been issued and work is being complete when no students/staff are present. 

Maine South:  


All work has been completed. The school has installed / is installing furniture. Turned over to the school. Punch list and all remaining minor work will be completed out of school hours.

Auditorium/Stage/Backstage: ADA ramps and handrails have been installed. New auditorium seats have been installed and protected. New auditorium carpet being installed.  Theatre lighting and controls are completed. Theater curtains to be installed this week. Stage flooring to be painted this week along with the walls and exposed ductwork. The existing backstage storage rack has been reinstalled. Punch list items have been issued in this area and will be addressed during prior to turn-over.

North & south Mezzanines:  New AHUs installed and running. Chilled water and chilled area turned on. Hot water ongoing and will be ready end of the week. 

Maine West

Punch list work is complete and room signage is in production. Scheduled to be installed in the next 2-3 weeks.