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April 6, 2020
Employment Opportunities

The following job opportunities and resources have been shared with the District.
Companies hiring during COVID 19
Name LINK Industry    
Eversharp Packaging Corp, Des Plaines 1271 Rand Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016. Retail    
Amazon Retail    
Dominos PIzza Restaurants    
Walmart Retail    
Kroger Retail    
SafeWay Retail    
Zoom Tech    
SLACK Tech    
Microsoft Teams Tech    
Meijer Retail    
Aldi Retail    
Fresh Thyme Retail    
Pizza Hut Food    
SSM Health Health    
Big Lots Retail    
Publix Retail    
Walgreens Retail    
Whole Foods Retail    
GrubHub Delivery    
Instacart Delivery    
Caviar Delivery    
Doordash Delivery    
Home Depot Retail    
Target Retail    
Jewel Retail    
Costco Retail    
OutSchool Education    
Home Chef Restaurants    
2020 Census Government    
Tonys Fresh Market Retail    
UPWORK Tech    
ShackShine Cleaning    
Plum Market Retail    
Keurig Dr Pepper,IL,USA&placeid=ChIJ7cv00DwsDogRAMDACa2m4K8 Beverages    
LIneaage Logistics Transportation    
Square Tech    
Paypal Tech    
CVS Retail/Pharma