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September 20, 2020
Maine South to Perform "The Dream of the Burning Boy"

Maine South High School will perform “The Dream of the Burning Boy” by
David West Read this fall. The show has been in rehearsal since the
first week of August and involves 13 cast members, a stage crew, and a
film crew.  Due to the pandemic, the cast has rehearsed solely
outdoors and will use the building only when filming for the final

Actors, technicians, and broadcasting students have all contributed to
the performance. The show will be streamed on October 1, 2, and 3,
2020, and tickets can be purchased by visiting this link:

Tickets are $9.00 for an individual ticket and $25.00 for a family
ticket, intended for family groups that will watch the show together
on one device.

“The Dream of the Burning Boy” tells the story of Larry Morrow, a high
school English teacher that is faced with an unthinkable tragedy
concerning one of his favorite students, Dane Bentley.  The play
explores the difficulties that those closest to Dane each face – his
sister Rachel, his girlfriend Chelsea, his best friend Kyle, his
mother Andrea, and the school’s guidance counselor Steve all are left
to deal with the aftermath of a great loss.  While navigating the
bumpy roads of grief, each member of the school community finds a way
to connect with one another and to move forward.

Please note that viewer discretion is advised as the play contains
mature themes and language.

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