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January 6, 2020
Maine South World Language Department

The World Language Department hosted the annual Dodgeball tournament this year and the Spanish Club came out victorious and took home the coveted WL dodgeball trophy.  As tradition continues, it will remain in the Spanish classrooms circulating around until next year.  This spring the French students will travel to France with Madame Serrano and Madame Cobb for a 10-day tour of the country.  We are anticipating two student exchange groups next year.  One group will be from Germany (there is a longstanding relationship that Frau Wolf organizes every other year) and a new group from Italy, more specifically from the Marche region.  Both groups are scheduled to arrive in October 2020.  Our student groups will travel to Italy in the spring of 2020 and in the summer of 2020 to Germany.

Our French and Italian upper-level students visited the Art Museum to review the Impressionist paintings following a live demonstration by one of Maine South’s very own parents who is an accomplished impressionist painter, Mr. E.J. Paprocki.  Frau Wolf took her German students to the Christkindlmarket to celebrate and study cultural aspects of the German holiday traditions.