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November 15, 2022
Make Kindness Contagious

This week Maine South is Making Kindness Contagious!

Student Council, Underclass Council, Junior Class Council and Senior Class Council will be greeting students as they enter the building every morning with good vibes and kindness.  Hawk Pride will be spreading kindness by writing a kind note to every student (that includes a treat!).  All week long students will be encouraged to spread kindness with notes to their classmates and teachers, participating in the Kindness Task Challenge and Pay Kindness Forward.  

Each student received a Kindness Task Card with challenges such as “Hold the Door for Someone”, “Introduce Yourself to Someone New”, “Send a Positive Text Message to Three People”, and more.  Students are asked to complete at least five tasks this week to spread kindness throughout Maine South!  Students can visit the main office to receive a new Kindness Task Card and at the end of the week receive a prize.

This week, we encourage students to not only spread kindness, but to reflect on who they are thankful for at the start of this holiday season.  Maine South wants every student to know they belong here and are cared for!

Maine South will also be celebrating our maintenance department on Thursday, November 17th for Maintenance Appreciation Day.  Students make posters for each member of the maintenance team and throw a parade at 2:45 pm to show their thanks!