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October 18, 2021
Options Fair

D207 Virtual Options Fair 2021

Virtual Options Fair 2021 Promo Video (1 min)

D207 Virtual Options Fair Google Site (accessible with D207 email address) 


The Options Fair showcases careers that do not require a bachelor’s degree after high school graduation.  Many of these careers are high-growth/high-demand.   


We can help students make better decisions about their future if we provide opportunities to explore what’s available to them and knowledge about what is required to reach their goals.  


As a complement to the D207 College Fair held Sept 8, and on going College Rep Visits,

students and staff are encouraged to visit the D207 Virtual Options Fair Google Site or (  Parents need to login with their child as it requires a D207 email address.  With this resource, students can find information on a wide variety of careers and the specific programs to pursue those paths.  In addition, they will find recorded interviews with program representatives from community colleges, apprenticeship programs and other high-growth/high-demand careers.


The Google Site link will be emailed to students and posted in their Student Services 

Google Classroom (i.e. Class of 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025). 


Please encourage your child to visit the site and investigate 2-3 careers.  

Have your child consider these questions:  Career Questions

Representative/program contact information is included for each program.   


For more information students can attend a short Navigating the Virtual Options Fair Workshop  or the Trades Panel – Oct 19 Determine if a trade is right for you 

For questions about the Virtual Options Fair contact: 

Laura Wilkens, [email protected]  Maine South Career Coordinator