February 14, 2019
School-Wide Fundraiser 2019 - Dup15q

Every year Maine South High School selects an organization to support through fundraising efforts that continue for the entire school year.  This year the students voted and selected Dup15q.

Maine South has a direct connection with Dup15q.  Current students, Mikaela & Alana Burke and Maine South Alum, Jeff Rozovics, both have someone in their family with Dup15q syndrome.  People with Dup15q are born with a rare genetic abnormality that multiplies some of the genes from chromosome 15.  Many people who have these extra genes have low muscle tone, developmental delays, autism, and in some cases hard to control seizures.


All proceeds from the school’s fundraiser will go toward The Dup15q Alliance (visit for more information).  This organization provides family support and promotes awareness, research and targeted treatments for chromosome 15q11.2-13.1 duplication syndrome.


Below is a video that tells more of the struggles people affected by Dup15q face.