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Career & Technical Education

Department Chair 
Erica Tuke

Administrative Assistant
Colleen Treutler

Maine South Preschool

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Coordinator: Ms. Pam Melinauskas

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (847) 825-7711 (Ext: 3040)

Faculty Members

Name Course
Cray Allen PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design,  Building Trades, 3D Animation
Johannes Beer College Accounting, Accounting 1, AP Computer Science Principles
Treyce Criner Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy
Breanna Dangerfield Culinary 1, Fashion 1
Victor Fuentes PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design
William Greenwald Cybersecurity
Joe Greguras  Entrepreneurship
Keri Helton Baking & Pastry, Gourmet Cuisine
Stephanie Inserra Fashion 1, Fashion 2, Fashion 3, Fashion 4, Fashion Merchandising
Amy Kladis Intro to Business, Marketing, Investing Risks and Rewards
T.J. Krause Engineering and Design Capstone, PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture, CAD 1, Advanced CAD
Zubair Muhammad Culinary 1
Pam Mulac Preschool, Exploring the Teaching Profession, Baking and Pastry
Paulina Pappas Culinary 1, Early Childhood Development
Drew Schneider Introduction to Business, Computer Programming, Robotics
Katie Schroeder  Internship
Heather Sinnott Personality and Relationships, Medical Terminology, Health Care Careers, Early Childhood Development
Amy Swanson Certified Nurse Assistant Program (CNA)
Elizabeth Terpstra Marketing, Digital Marketing, Financial Literacy
Erica Tuke Graphic Arts 1, Advanced Graphic Arts


Explore CTE Career Pathways

Click on the image below to explore career pathways within the Career and Technical Education Department at Maine South.

Each box of the infographic is hyperlinked to help you explore different course offerings and sequences at the high school. 

Please reach out to the Department Chair for any questions or additional information.

CTE Career Pathways Infographic