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Career & Technical Education

Department Chair 
Patrick Fonsino


Administrative Assistant
Karen Burke

Faculty Members

Name Course
Johannes Beer Consumer Ed, Computer Programming, College Accounting, Accounting 1,  APCSP
Kenneth  Johnson CWT 1 
Nicolle Giliana Culinary Arts
Joe Greguras Finance & Investing, Entrepreneurship
Keri Helton Baking & Pastry, Gourmet
Stephanie Inserra Fashion 3/4, Fashion 1, Fashion 2, Fashion Merchandising
Christiana Joyce Preschool, Personality & Relationships, Intro to Teaching, Consumer Ed
Amy Kladis Intro to Business
T.J. Krause Personal Auto,  CAD, CEA, E&D
Sheryl Peterson Graphic, Advanced Graphics
Greg Reichelt IED, Cyber Security, Computer Programming
Katie Schroeder  Internship
Heather Sinnott ECD, Health Care Careers, Med Term, 
Elizabeth Terpstra Robotics, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Consumer Ed, Fin & Investing
Bill Thieme Digital Electronics
Sam Yeates Marketing
Alissa Zobrist Culinary Arts

CTE Staff Morning Office Hours and Locations

CTE Staff Morning Office Hours and Locations