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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department seeks to help students find their strengths and to foster all students’ creative and artistic instincts. Covering three curricular departments – Art, Music, and Drama/Broadcasting – along with a wide range of extra-curricular programs, Fine Arts provides each student a unique opportunity to develop creativity and purpose.


                                             Charlotte’s Web Play October 14 & 16 at 7:30pm and October 17 at 2:00pm


                                                                    Click here Fine Art Career Pathways Information

                                                   Fine Arts Career Information in a Pandemic and Post Pandemic World 


Click on the links below to access the various senior scholarship applications. 

Music Booster application will be done on-line and SDB/Thespian should be printed and returned to the Fine Arts office.  Deadline for all three applications listed on applicationsLate applications cannot be accepted.

Music Booster Senior Scholarship App

Speech, Drama, Broadcasting Scholarship App

Thespian Scholarship App

                                                                                             Summer Music Camp Scholarship App



Department Chair
Teralyn Keith

Department Administrative Assistant
Karyn Blong

Faculty Members

Name Courses Link
Andrew Burkemper  Concert, Intermediate & Wind Ensemble

MSHS Band Web Page

Band Facebook 

Band Instagram

Band YouTube

Matthew Hanes Chamber, Concert & Mixed Choir, Guitar 1/2, Digital Music & Audio Production  
David Hutter Concert, Intermediate & Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Techniques

MSHS Band Web Page

Band Facebook 

Band Instagram

Band YouTube

Matthew Nix String, Philharmonic & Symphonic Orchestra, Piano 1/2, Guitar 1/2 MSHS Orchestra Web Page
Speech Drama     
Name Courses Link
Karen Hall  Communications for Careers   
David Harmon Drama 1


Patrick Sanchez Theatre Tech  
Carrie Saurer Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, Theatre Tech MSHS Drama Web Page

Drama Instagram: @pacting101

Name Courses Link
Phil Ash  Digital Video Production, Theatre Communication  
Mason Strom Broadcasting, Advanced TV/Film


WMTH-FM Streaming  Radio


                         WMTH Instagram @wmthsouth

Visual Arts     
Name Courses Link
Mary Lee Moore Design and Materials 2/3/AP, Photo 1, 2, 3 & AP  
Cherie Rams Art 2, 3 & AP Drawing, Design & Materials 1  
Greg Regalado Photo 1/2, Digital Imaging, Art Foundations/Applications
    MSHS Orchesis Web Page 
    Clubs & Activities
    Private Music Teacher List

please contact the Fine Arts office with questions regarding upcoming events  847-692-8240



Tentative Calendar of Events  –  2021-2022 School year  

October 2021

4 – Speech Drama  & Broadcasting booster meeting 7:30pm-8:30pm 

14, 16, 17 – Fall Play 7:30pm

21 – Choir concert 7:30pm

23 – Band Spectacular 6:00pm Auction 7:00pm Performance

26 – Orchestra Concert with 8th grade 7:00pm


November 2021

11 – Veteran’s Day Band Concert 6:30pm

19, 20 – V-Show 7:30pm


December 2021

2 – Drama Studio Showcase Performance 7:30pm

7- Fall Library Recital Series 6:00pm

10, 11 – Orchesis – 7:30pm


January 2022

2 – Drama Studio Showcase Performance 7:30pm

7- Fall Library Recital Series 6:00pm

10, 11 – Orchesis – 7:30pm

31 – Speech Drama  & Broadcasting booster meeting 7:30pm-8:30pm 


February, 2022

17, 18, 19 –  Winter play 7:30pm

23 – Emerson Progress Concert 7:00pm

24 – Lincoln Progress Concert 7:00pm


March, 2022

1- Winter Band Concert 1 –  7:30pm

2 – Winter Band Concert 2 –  7:30pm

3 – Orchestra Chamber performance – 4:00pm

8 – Choir Concert 7:30pm

10 – Orchestra Solo & Ensemble night 7:00pm

14 – Speech Drama  & Broadcasting booster meeting 7:30pm

15 – Spring Solo Recital Series 6:00


April, 2022

21 – Musical (Senior performance) 4:00pm

22, 23, 29, 30 – Musical 7:30pm

24 – Musical  2:00pm-5:00pm


May, 2022

4 – Film Fest  7:00pm-10:00pm

5 – Spring Band Concert  7:30pm

10 – Orchestra concert 7:30p

12 – Choir concert 7:30pm

19 – Fine Arts Awards night 7:00pm

22 – Norwegian Day parade 1:00pm

30 – Memorial Day parade 10:00am 


Course Offerings






Patrons of “The Arts”

Patrons of  “The Arts” is based solely on donations which are used to enhance the Maine South education by providing guest artist-in-residencies and valuable workshops for students in all areas in “The Arts”.  

We hope you share our commitment to expand the talent pool available to the Maine South Fine Arts students by becoming a member of the Patrons of “The Arts” and donating to this valuable, philanthropic organization. 

Be a “Patron” and lend your support to our students and community by increasing the resources available to our Fine Arts programs here at Maine South and give all our students an outlet for creative self expression! 

click HERE for the Patrons of “The Arts” membership form 

click HERE for Patrons of “The Arts” newsletter

“Arts education is critical for helping students develop creativity, critical thinking and problem solving abilities.”


MSHS Music Booster Org

The Maine South Music Booster Organization is parent run and a wonderful way to support the music programs at Maine South. Through Boosters, the students in Orchestra, Choir, Band, Piano, and Guitar are eligible to apply for scholarships for private lessons, summer camps, and college. During the 2018-2019 school year, Boosters provided over 800 private music lessons, and awarded 7 summer camp scholarships and 16 senior scholarships.

Boosters also provide financial and hands-on help with concerts, equipment, guest musician clinics, travel experiences, snacks/meals, uniforms, etc., and respond to various requests from teachers throughout the year.

Please join The Maine South Music Booster Organization and consider volunteering to support the fantastic music programs at Maine South. Attend our quarterly meetings, follow us on Facebook at and check out our website at to keep apprised of all the happenings and how you can be involved.  We are recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, so your membership and any contributions are tax deductible.

click HERE for  a Music Booster membership application

click HERE to go to the MSHS Music Booster web site

click HERE for information on the Music Booster Gift Card Sale

Speech, Drama Broadcast Boosters

The mission of the Speech, Drama & Broadcasting Boosters organization of Maine South High School is to support the students participating in these three programs, both in the classroom and as extracurricular activities.  Our primary focus is to raise funds and offer scholarships to graduating seniors.  In the past three years we have distributed over $35,000 in scholarships.  The SDB Boosters support and assist the faculty, the Fine Arts Administration, and the students involved in speech, drama and broadcasting.  

The Drama Department produces a number of shows throughout the year.  A large part of our fundraising is through raffles, concessions, and flower sales at these performances.  TLC dinners are served during tech rehearsals to everyone involved with the production of the fall and winter plays and the musical.  The Boosters also support drama at Maine South by hosting receptions during special performances and recognition ceremonies, and assisting the International Thespian Society Troupe with their fundraisers.

The Broadcasting program includes both radio and television experience for students.  Funds donated to SDB Boosters have enabled us to assist with updating broadcasting equipment, to host an end-of-the-year reception celebrating excellent work and festival awards, and to provide other support of these students’ activities. 

Please consider joining Speech, Drama & Broadcasting Boosters.  As an added incentive, your membership will enable you to enjoy the benefit of purchasing pre-sale tickets to the Spring Musical. Our meetings are open to all members and are held five times a year.  We can always use help with TLC dinners, concessions, and flower sales at performances and many of us really enjoy getting to know each other by working together in support of our children’s creative endeavors.  Please join, even if you are not available to volunteer.  Though most of our members are parents of current students, some SDB Boosters are alumni families or friends from the community who wish to support arts education at Maine South, and we are so grateful to them.  We depend on and truly appreciate any donations of time and/or your financial support of the Speech, Drama & Broadcasting Booster programs!

click HERE for a printable  SDB Booster membership form.


Available Scholarships

Private Music Teacher List 

Lesson Statement Sheet


Senior & Summer Scholarship Info will be available early 2020