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Career & College Resource Center (CCRC)



Scholarship Webinar Dec 2020 (2)

Miss the webinar? No problem — here is the recording!

Robyn Moreth

Career & College Admissions Specialist



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Contact Mrs. Moreth for info on:

  • Post-HS Planning
  • College/University Information
  • Career Path Exploration (as it relates to further training/education)
  • Standardized Testing (SAT/ACT)


Tara Militello

CCRC Assistant


Contact Mrs. Militello for info on:

  • Work Permits
  • Scholarship Database
  • College Rep Visit Schedule




Laura Wilkens

Career Coordinator



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Contact Mrs. Wilkens for info on: 

  • Job Shadows
  • Career Treks
  • Internships
  • Employment
  • Business Partner Development


Monica Masini

ISAC Representative (Financial Aid Contact)


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Contact Ms. Masini for info on:

  • Financial Aid 
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Scholarship Search