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Technology Support Request Form for Students

Portal Help: Parents and students can get answers to their portal problems. Please visit the Portal Information page on the web to get answers to common problems and/or to request assistance through our Online Portal Help Form.

Families and students may also get support by calling 847-692-8083.

Chrome Depot Staff


Department Information

The ChromeDepot is the school centered hub for technology related support.  We are open from 7:15 until 3:45 Monday through Friday to provide Chromebook support, assistance with Google Apps and address calculator issues.  The staff consists of members from the Technology Department and student volunteers know as ChromeDepot Interns. The staff can answer your Chromebook questions ranging from basic usage to service and repair on your school purchased Chromebook. Below are some services you can expect at the ChromeDepot.

  • Chromebook Loaners – forget your Chromebook or is the battery dead? We understand that this may happen from time to time so we are here to support you by loaning you a Chromebook to use for the day. Pick it up any time and drop it off by 3:15.
  • Chromebook Repair – Insurance is available for your Chromebook from third party companies or perhaps through a home owner policy. However, for uninsured repairs, we can do the job. We’ll also help you if there is a warranty issue with your Chromebook during the warranty period. If you have a problem, we recommend that you bring your device into the Chrome Depot so we can take a look at it and make recommendations. Repairs are done at cost for parts, here is a price list.
  • Chromebook and Google Apps Help – The Chrome Depot is staffed by Google Certified and Qualified Trainers. We can answer all of your Chromebook and Google Apps questions!