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Department Chair
Dawn Bodden


Administrative Assistant
Karen Burke

Faculty Members

Name Course
Beth Ann Ball Calculus BC, Plane Geometry, AAT
Stephanie Bishop Accelerated Algebra 2, Math 1
Erin Briody Algebra 2 Fr, Math 1, AGT
Monique Clark Calculus AB, AMA
Tim Dohr Algebra 2, Trig/Prob-Stats
Erin Grimm Calculus BC, Math 1, Foundations of Problem Solving
Mike Guccione AMA, Computer Science 2, AP Computer Science
Jeff Hamann Pre Calculus, Algebra 2, Acc Algebra 2
Lauren Haman Plane Geometry, Algebra 2 FR
Julia Heyden Acc Algebra 2, Math 1
Sarah Kendeigh Plane Geometry, Math 1, Foundations of Problem Solving
Amy Kudlov Algebra 2, AGT
Tony Lavorato Pre Calculus, Algebra 2, Calculus AB
Brittney Naranjo Pre Calculus, Math 1, Foundations to Problem Solving
Mike Nee Discrete Math, AAT, Trig/Prob-Stats
Peter Nilsen Geometry, Multi Variable Calculus
Vicki O’Malley Geometry, AP Stats
Joe Pomey Plane Geometry, Pre Calculus
Barb Rizzi Calculus AB, Algebra 2
Mark Smith AGT, Discrete Math, Algebra 1 Part B


The goal of the Maine South Math Department is to create a positive math experience with an appropriate level of challenge for each individual student.  We will encourage all students to reason, communicate and think critically in an effort to prepare them to be lifelong problem solvers.


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