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Health and Wellness (Physical Education, Health and Driver Education)

Department Chair:
Don Lee


Faculty Members

Names Courses
Keith Culbertson Health
Brian Fee Adventure Education
Joan Hare Sophomore Physical Education and Health
Jim Harrier Freshman Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education
David Inserra Junior Leaders and Total Body Conditioning
Robert Karlov Junior/Senior Fitness and Sport and Virtual Physical Education
Adrian Kibiersza Driver Education, Freshman Physical Education and Junior and Senior Fitness and Sport
Brian Lorenz Freshman Physical Education, Yoga and Virtual Physical Education
Laura Markus Freshman Physical Education and Sophomore Physical Education
Jennifer Roddick-Small Yoga
Brendan Smaha Freshman Physical Education and Sophomore Physical Education
Sona Torosian Freshman Physical Education and Junior Leaders
Scott Tumilty Sophomore Physical Education, Total Body Conditioning, and Virtual Physical Education


Department Information
Maine Township High School District 207 offers students a wide range of physical education and health options in a program that has won the IAHPERD Blue Ribbon Award. From health classes in which students learn about the human body and consider the impact of various choices on it to classes in which students engage in physical activity ranging from dance to sports to utilizing fitness equipment.

Driver Education Information
Information regarding the driver education program can be found here.


Health and Wellness Courses