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Social Science

Department Chair
Jenne Dehmlow

Administrative Assistant
Marie Lang

Department Information
Social Science course offerings span a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to history, government, economics, and psychology. Throughout these, students have opportunities to learn and apply skills related to reading and research as they consider information from a variety of perspectives over time. As in many other academic departments, students can learn and earn college credit through a variety of Advanced Placement offerings. The vision of the Social Science Department at Maine South High School is to foster an understanding of the relevance of the Social Sciences and to develop respectful, informed, productive and engaged citizens.As a result of the rigorous curriculum, students will…

  • Conduct critical inquiry, research and analysis
  • Construct and communicate informed opinions
  • Practice self-evaluation
  • Understand the relevance and the applications of the Social Sciences to the world
  • Utilize a variety of methods for self-expression
  • Social Science Course Selections 2019-2020

Faculty Members


Name Courses
Aileen Alden AP Human Geography, World Cultures
Chad Barney US History
Michael Biondo US History
Jenne Dehmlow Sociology
Julie Dickinson US History
Kathleen Durkin Law in American Society, Sociology, US History
Trevor Fritz AP Psychology
Laura Goldman History of the Western World
Kevin Hansen AP US Government & Politics, Government, International Relations
Katie Kaye AP Human Geography, AP US History, History of the Western World
Laurie Koshgarian AP Macro/Micro Economics, World Cultures
Donald Kura AP World History, World Cultures
Donald McArthur-Self AP European History, AP US History
Rachel Santucci AP Macro/Micro Economics, AP Psychology
Sherri Scorza Government, US History, World Cultures
Megan Smith AP Human Geography, AP World History, World Cultures
Daniel States AP US Government & Politics, US History
Pauline Sterenberg AP Psychology
Andy Trenkle American Government: We The People, Economics, US History
Greg Young Government, Modern America After 1945