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Student and Family Services

Student and Family Service Teams

Department Chair
Kyleen Coia – Associate Principal for Student and Family Services


Noreen King, Administrative Assistant


Department Information
The Maine 207 Student and Family Services team helps students make decisions and choices that will allow for success in high school and beyond. Student and Family Services work with students, families, and staff in supporting students’ academic, social-emotional, and career development throughout high school. Student and Family Services includes a range of supports for students and families focused on counseling services both in high school and in preparation for college and/or careers. Additionally, the Health Office is an integral part of Student and Family Services.

Team Black
  SST – H-O
Team Red
  SST – P-Z
Team White
Assistant Principal
Jennifer Korbar
  Assistant Principal
Aimee Dayhoff
  Assistant Principal
Dara’ Fenner
Michael Wartick
Erin Sanchez
Tim Spiegel
Trisha Conlon
Stephanie Maksymiu
Cris Villalobos
Meghan Wood
William Milano
Diane Spillman
Social Worker
Lisa Buckley
  Social Worker
Leah Jackson
  Social Worker
Janet Radziszewski
Steve Mihalopoulos
Alexis Lane
Christy Lambropoulos

Post Secondary Counselor: Robyn Moreth

504 Coordinator: Sarah Kirkorsky

MTSS Coordinator: Lauren Olson


Student and Parent Resources

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a volunteer Crisis Counselor

988 Crisis Hotline: Call or text 988 to access the 24-hour Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Core Mission:

A vital link between home and school, the comprehensive guidance programs offered at Maine South High School through the Student and Family Services Department help students make the crucial decisions they will face during their high school years. A mix of individual and group activities; occupational, technical, and financial aid programs; test information; and course placement activities, the program helps students at all levels to make decisions that will shape their future. The Student and Family Services staff can help students gain direction as they make choices that will take them through high school and beyond to college and career.

The Student and Family Services Department provides many services in addition to the scheduled guidance-related activities. Most of these activities are initiated by students, parents, or school personnel as needed. Counselors try to anticipate and react to the needs of students and parents. However, for members of the Student and Family Service Department to be the most effective, it is important that there be open communication between the home and the school.

SOUTH Student Handbook

The Student and Family Services Department provides support for students in a variety of areas and includes the following:

Counselors – Every student is assigned to one of nine counselors, who support the student and family from enrollment at Maine South through graduation. Counselors focus on the emotional, social, educational and career development needs of students. An important focus of the counselor’s services is academic counseling for college and career.

Career & College Admissions Specialist – Mrs. Robyn Moreth helps students to establish accurate self-awareness, explore careers, make tentative career decisions and formulate post-high school plans. Mrs. Moreth serves as a resource for students, parents, teachers and the generalist counselors. She coordinates many college awareness programs and makes numerous resources available to students. Mrs. Moreth is located in the Career & College Resource Center (CCRC) in Room C147B.

Career CoordinatorMrs. Effie Loukas: Working in tandem with the Career & College Admissions Specialist, Mrs. Loukas guides students to determine career interests and opportunities to explore those interests through internships, job shadowing, career treks, and paid job experiences.

Nurses – Mrs. Brenda Keeley and Mrs. Allison Dietz manage both acute and chronic illnesses and injuries. They are available to students, parents, and staff for health teaching, counseling, and referrals. The nurses act as a liaison between the medical community and the school community. They also address any special needs of students. The health office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Psychologists – Ms. Christy Lambropoulos, Ms. Alexis Lane, and Mr. Steve Mihalopoulos, are responsible for psychological screening and testing of students who have been referred by parents, teachers, and counselors. A significant portion of that process involves the assessment for possible special education services. The psychologists are available for consultation to the faculty, staff, and parents.

Social Workers – Mrs. Lisa Buckley, Mrs. Leah Jackson, and Mrs. Janet Radziszewski offer individual, group, and/or family therapy for students who have been referred by parents, teachers, or counselors. Referrals and/or consultations are often made with outside support personnel including private therapists, psychiatrists, and community agencies. The social worker also serves as a consultant to the faculty and staff.

Department Links
Health Office

Maine South Career and College Resource Center (CCRC) 



Interventions Manual

Parent involvement with Student and Family Services
Attendance at important events such as open houses and College Night is one way parents can promote home and school communication. It is also helpful to mark dates such as testing and group activities on the family calendar. Parents who are concerned about their child’s progress in a particular class should contact the individual teacher for the most current information. If they have a general concern regarding their child, they should contact the assigned counselor.

Parents can access the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to view their child’s schedule, check attendance records, view grades, and recent assignment activity by course. In order to access the Portal, parents must be listed as a student contact with a current email address. If this information is not on file, please contact the Student and Family Services office at 847-692-8214.

Understanding & Supporting Teen Mental Health

Click the link below to see the presentation from the January 2022 2nd Cup of Coffee Meeting focused on understanding and supporting teen mental health.

Jan2022 – 2ndCupofCoffeePresentation