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Special Education

Department Chair
Laurel Grogger

Administrative Assistant
Mary McHugh

Administrative Assistant
Marie Lang

Compliance Coordinator/Testing Accommodations Coordinator
Holly Balk

Vocational Coordinator
Michelle Dwyer




Faculty Members

Name Courses
Holly Balk Seminar
JJ Crawford Seminar, U.S. History
Danielle Davis District Physical Therapist 
Michelle Dwyer CWT, Seminar, Vocational Coordinator
Gary Granell English 1, English 3, English 4, Seminar
James Harrier Adaptive PE
Rebecca Hufnus Speech/Language Pathologist
Anne Jacobson Speech/Language Pathologist
Jill Ladendorf Algebra 1 (Part B), Integrated Math, Seminar
Jeremy Lee Health, Reading 1-4, World Cultures
Carrie Lombardi Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Seminar
Marty Murphy Algebra 2, Plane Geometry, Seminar
Whitney Nuam Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant – DRS
Amy Robinson Behavior Specialist
Tessa Robinson Fundamentals of Math, PBR, Reading 1-4,  Seminar
Marybeth Sanchez Civics & Government, Consumer Education,  Communication Arts, English 2, Math Essentials 2-4, Seminar
Jennifer Sarashinsky Civics & Government, Reading 1-4, English 3 & 4,  Seminar
Steve Scholl EMC/EMP (Co-Taught), EMC/EMP, Foundations of Problem Solving, Seminar
Brenda Westmoreland District Occupational Therapist
Michael Zagurski English Essentials 1-4, Math Essential 1-4, Science 1-4, Seminar, U.S. History

Department Information
Special Education offers a full continuum of services and placements from support in the general education environment to specialized instructional courses, and/or related services. A significant goal of the Special Education Department is to assist students in becoming independent, effective self-advocates. Additionally, special education services are focused around a particular student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the goals for that student that have been identified by the IEP team.