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2021 Maine South Summer Reading Program

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Summer Reading List 2021


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2020-2021 Maine South English Courses

Department Chair
Julianna Cucci

Administrative Assistant
Marie Lang

Faculty Members

Name Courses
Johanna Abend AP Language & Composition, English 1 Accelerated
Paul Bellisario English 1 Accelerated, English 3
Jill Braverman AP Literature & Composition, English 2 Accelerated
Robert Brown English 2
Julianna Cucci English 2 Accelerated
Garrett Fechner Literature & Film Study, Literacy for College and Careers, The Graphic Novel
Carolyn Ford English 1, English 2 Accelerated
Colleen Hatch English 1, English 2
Chris Headley AP Literature & Composition, Contemporary Authors, English 3, Literature Seminar
Richard Jones Composition 1, Composition 2, English 3
Laura Kirshner English 2 Accelerated, Sports in Literature
Teri Knight AP Language & Composition, English 1
Amy Krukowski AP Literature & Composition, English 3
Jason Marsicano English 1, Literature of Chicago, Sports in Literature
Jim McGowan AP Language & Composition, English 2, Journalism
Sheila Miller AP Language & Composition, English 1 Accelerated
Eve Muir-Wilson Applied Literacy,  Fundamentals of Literacy
Zanfina Muja Applied Literacy
Darcie Schanou English 2 Accelerated, English 3
Jon Scorza Creative Writing, English 1 Accelerated English 2
Alex Stathakis English 1 Accelerated, Literature of Chicago, Newspaper Practicum
Kevin Stock English 1, Literature of Chicago, Senior Composition

Department Information
Engagement as a citizen, in a career, and as a lifelong learner, requires strong literacy skills, and English classes provide a deep foundation for students with reading, writing, listening, and speaking. English classes range from focusing on reading and understanding fiction and non-fiction text, conducting original research, and writing and speaking for a variety of audiences. Additionally, there are a number of courses that offer college credit as part of successful course completion through both Advanced Placement tests as well as through dual-credit with Oakton Community College.

The major goals of English classes are that students will be able, at various levels of skill development to…

  • read with understanding and fluency
  • understand the expressed meaning in literature representative of various societies, eras, and ideas
  • write in order to communicate for a variety of purposes
  • listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations
  • use reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to research and apply information for specific purposes.

Regardless of the course selected, students will have experiences leading them to the successful accomplishment of these five goals.