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Maine Township District 207 schools offer extensive opportunities beyond the classroom to engage in learning, self-discovery, and the pursuit of personal interests with like-minded peers.  Offering over 80 clubs and activities, students can participate in clubs based on hobbies, academics, charitable efforts, as well as social and political interests.  Take a few minutes to explore our clubs listed below.

Activity Name Sponsor Name Social Media
Adventure Club Brian Fee

Dedicated to building relationships through the love of “adventure.” Our love of adventure leads us up rock climbing walls, down white water rivers, orienteering vast forests, competing in adventure races and whatever else happens to cross our paths.

Animal Shelter Club Tom Egan
Anime Club Betsy Godwin

Meets weekly to watch and discuss anime, learn about the culture of Japan and go to anime conventions. We also hold sessions on learning the Japanese language. We sometimes have “themes” for a meeting. We often have meetings where Japanese food is enjoyed. Students run all of the meetings.

Art Club Cherie Tymkiw Felicia Lahart Addie Price
Directed by a student leadership group that selects and leads bi-weekly arts/crafts activities that are fun, creative and new. You do not have to be in an art class to be a member of Art Club, everyone is welcome to join. Each year we select a design and produce our very popular tee shirt that our membership looks forward to. In addition to our meetings, Art Club hosts two pizza parties around the holiday season with themed projects and fundraising events that contribute to a graduating senior student scholarship in the art department.
Astronomy Group Tom Egan
Auto Club Thomas Krause

Directed by elected student officers who meet and share ideas as they relate to the automotive field. You do not need to be in an Auto class to be a member as only an interest in automobiles is required. Club t-shirts, activities, fundraising, and community assiatance projects are just some of the activities the club discusses.

Book Club Linda Ryan Suzanne Kowalski
(Reading Raptors) is open to all students. We meet the first Thursday of every month before and/or after school. During even numbered months, we read the same book chosen by the members. During odd numbered months, we discuss books we have read recently. It as a pressure free environment for book lovers of all genres.
Botany Club Felicia Lahart

Botany Club is for anyone interested in gardening with other good, nature-loving people who want to help beautify our campus.  During the spring and fall, we may meet to plant annuals, clear up garden beds, transplant plants around campus or get creative in the art room making botanical drawings or ceramic pots of our own!  We will also have at least one fundraiser and participate in the schoolwide fundraiser and Homecoming Parade.  Anyone is welcome, green thumb or not! We meet in B4 in the visual arts room after school (day of the week TBD).

CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) Michelle Dwyer

All students are welcome to join this club that celebrates our differences in the company of friends. The clubs goal is to foster understanding, respect and acceptance of individuals with exceptionalities. The club is made up of special education students and peers who want to make a difference in each others lives. We are actively involved in the Maine South community participating in a variety of afterschool social activities.

Chess Team Kevin Bachler

Competes in the North Suburban Chess League, which is widely regarded as the strongest chess league in the state of Illinois. We also attend regional team and individual tournaments and our season culminates at the IHSA state tournament in Peoria in February where we have won the state championship three times since 2002. We also have many club players who meet informally on practice days to play for fun.

Chicago Metro History Fair Mike Biondo
Asks students to complete a research project on an aspect of Chicago History focused on an annual theme. Students report their research in the form of a museum exhibit, video documentary, web site, live performance or a traditional research paper. This competition begins with judging and an exhibition at the Maine South History Fair. If projects are selected to advance, they may continue with the Suburban Regional, City-Wide Finals, State Finals and the National History Day competition just outside of Washington DC. Judging occurs at each level leading up to nationals to determine advancing projects and cash prizes/scholarships are available starting with the city-wide finals.
Chinese Club Priscilla Chao
Chinese club is an exciting place where people interested in Chinese language or culture can get together, make friends, and learn more about all things China. We are planning many events and activities such as watching Chinese movies, making a trip to Chinatown, calligraphy, papercutting, and more. We encourage cultural diversity, cross-cultural awareness, and making connections.
Class Council (Junior) Laurie Koshgarian Amy Kladis
Part of the three class councils that exist at Maine South High School. We are primarily responsible for two major dances at school, the Turnabout dance in February and Junior Prom in May. We also participate in Homecoming week as well as many other fun activities such as the school-wide fundraiser and spirit week before the Turnabout dance.
Class Council (Senior) Anna Serrano

Provides leadership to the senior class and represents the class at school and community gatherings. The senior class council provides social, spirit and philanthropic opportunities for the members of its class. The senior class council plans the homecoming dance and senior week activities including senior breakfast and senior prom. All members of the senior class are welcome to attend meetings and be involved in any and all activities.

Computer Club TBA

For students with an interest in computers. We meet every three weeks or so to talk shop about computers, PC gaming and occasionally service and build computers. We also organize occasional visits to the Ignite Network LAN center and host other social events having to do with computers

Computer Science Lizzy MacArthur
Constitution Team Andy Trenkle Kevin Hansen
A competitive academic team that participates in the US Department of Education's "We The People" Competition. The Constitution Team is made up of seniors who are required to present and defend answers to important questions about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, US History and current events.
Cosmetic Club Heather Sinnott
The purpose of this organization shall be to: demonstrate correct and varied methods of applying and using makeup that will enhance aesthetics, and also help promote and build confidence among its members.
Cybersouth Joe Greguras
DECA (DE & OO) Johannes Beer Joe Greguras Amy Kladis

The Maine South Business Club. Our chapter is part of the national DECA organization of marketing students. Students in DECA compete in business competitions at the regional, state and international level.

DNA Donation Alexa Liakakos

Donation Nation Association.  This club was formed to give back to those in need.

E-Sports Greg Reichelt

Competitive Gaming 

EmpoWer Johanna Abend Aileen Alden
The purpose of EmpoWer is to provide a place for students to discuss, educate, and explore the areas of feminism and human rights.
Engineering Club Kay Wagner

Engineering Club is a student lead group whose interest is in pursuing a career in engineering. The club changes focus every year to reflect different disciplines such as Civil, Biomedical, Mechanical, and Electrical with the constants being research and discussion of global engineering. The activities have included the following:

IIT Bridge building competition
Hovercraft design
Ballistics device build
Vex clawbot build and competition
Takeda Pharmeceuticals partnership for the STEM learning exchange
Visit by police with Bomb Robots
Field trip to a Civil Engineering firm “

Environmental Club Howard Knodle , Doug Walter

The environmental club promotes environmentally responsible activities at Maine South and in our community. The club is involved in picking up litter at the Forest Preserve site across Dee Road and has participated in habitat restoration projects with the Forest Preserve. The club participates in outdoor activities that benefit nature, provide educational learning opportunities, and are a lot of fun. We are open to new ideas and welcome all students who want to help us make a difference in the world we live in.

Equinox Jon Scorza Jason Marsicano

Maine South student creative writing magazine! We welcome all submissions of original student creative writing and visual art. All students can email their submissions to [email protected] We would love to have all the imaginative writing, artwork and photography you can send us! Want to help decide what goes into Equinox?

Click the following link to see the 2019 Edition.

EYRIE Richard Jones Jim McGowan
Yearbook is open to all students, but an English teacher recommendation is encouraged. The yearbook is student-driven and managed. Student staff members, under the guidance of the Sponsors, create academic, sports, class, club, and candid spreads to commemorate the events of the school year. Yearbook is a year-long commitment, and it requires that students attend a specific class period during the school day. Yearbook requires a "free period" for participation.
Fashion Club Stephanie Inserra
A non-competitive club for students to become involved in service activities. The clubÕs main goal is to utilize studentsÕ love for fashion and talent for sewing to benefit our community through various volunteer opportunities. Members from this club may also be involved in the planning process of a fashion show. The club consists of students in the Fashion Construction and Fashion Merchandising classes.
FCCLA (Culinary) Keri Helton
Students who are currently enrolled in Culinary Arts 1 can register as members of Culinary Club. Cooking experiences, bake sales, club run culinary competitions and fundraising activities are planned by the student members and officers who develop leadership skills as a result of participation. Those students who have taken either Culinary Arts 2 and/or Culinary Arts 3 can become registered members of the national organization FCCLA. These students compete in Family and Consumer SciencesÕ events at the sectional and state levels. These events include Salad Demonstration, Cookie Decorating, Cake Decorating or Relish Tray.
FCCLA (Fashion) Stephanie Inserra
Students enrolled in advance Fashion classes can be registered as members of FCCLA. These students attend leadership conferences and workshops. They also compete in Family and Consumer SciencesÕ areas for Sectionals (February), at the State level (April in Springfield, IL) and at the National Level (summer). These areas include fashion styling, fashion apparel display, fashion construction, (to name a few). Fun, educational, and career related activities are planned by the student members and officers who develop leadership skills as a result of participation.
FCCLA (Pre-School) Christiana Joyce
Students enrolled in CCO/Preschool classes can be members of FCCLA. These students attend leadership conferences and workshops. They also compete in Family and Consumer Sciences' areas at the sectional and state level. These areas include but not limited to Preschool Portfolio, Children's Literature, and Children's Lessons. Fun, educational, and career related activities are planned by the student members and officers who develop leadership skills as a result of participation.
Filipino Club Monica Tipperreiter
French Club Anna Serrano Jen Cobb

Celebrates the French language and culture through a variety of activities including food, film, field trips and other cultural activities. Members of the French Club also seek to be agents of change in the Francophone world as they raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes in Francophone Africa.

French Club Honor Society Anna Serrano Jen Cobb

Maine South’s French National Honor Society is for students of French who have maintained a 90% average or higher in French throughout their secondary school study, including the semester of selection and all previous work awarded.

German Club Margaret Wolf
Offers many activities and opportunities for students. Students have the opportunity to get to know other students, enjoy German food and traditions, celebrate German holidays and have a lot of fun together. The club also supports students' interest in using German as a way to travel, compete and succeed. There are a lot of components to German Club. We have something for everyone.
Graphic Arts Sheryl Peterson
For students interested in graphic arts as a carrer or just for fun! Projects can be created in the computer lab or Maker Space. We will be helping other clubs and organizations with designing logos, producing t-shirts, plaques,etc. Students will have the opportunity to create personal projects as well!
Greek Club Alexis Liakakos , Joanna Abend

Celebrates the Greek culture through a variety of activities including food, film, field trips and other cultural activities.

GSA Jen Sarashinsky
The mission of the Maine South GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) is to provide a safe space for LGBTQ students and their allies. We work to raise awareness and increase acceptance of students who are LGBTQ, as well as provide a place for all students to positively interact. We do this through sponsoring activities, connecting with other GSA's, education and fun events. The GSA is open to anyone who wishes to create a more positive environment at Maine South High School.
Harry Potter Club Alexis Liakakos
It is a place for Harry Potter fans to express their appreciation of the Harry Potter novels and movies through book and movie discussions, crafts, trivia, Quidditch matches and other Harry Potter related activities. It is not required that members have read all of the books, but it is strongly encouraged.
Hawk Nation Stephanie (Bishop) Simon

The student athletic boosters club and is made up of students representing all grade levels. New members can join at any time. We meet once or twice a month to discuss and plan ways to support our student-athletes and spread school spirit. Activities include painting windows to cheer on sports teams, face painting and spirit gear available at athletic events and sponsoring special events at athletic events including free-throw contests, Pink Out! and more.

Hawk Pride Beth Ann Ball , Mike Biondo

An organization that is dedicated to character education at Maine South High School. Hawk Pride members work with their peers in attempting to instill and support the elements of pride, respect, involvement, dignity and empathy throughout the school through the activities of volunteering, character education lessons, role modeling, etc. To become a member, you can apply at the end of your sophomore year and selection is based upon academic achievement, character references and faculty input.

Hawkapella Matthew Hanes

Hawkapella is a co-ed, student-run a cappella group (think “Glee” and “Pitch Perfect”) that meets one night per week and performs on all choir concerts. Membership is open to anyone at Maine South, and by audition in the fall. No experience is necessary, and you do not need to be enrolled in choir to audition.

Helping Hands of Maine South Kendra O'Halloran , Jeff Downing

The Helping Hands of Maine South is a club that hosts various large service projects to help those in need all over the world.

Humble to One (H2O) Monika Langdon
(H2O) Christian Club's mission is for students to lovingly reach out to others on campus and to grow fellowship with one another. We encourage Christians and non-Christians to join us for prayer, fun, worship, discussions and fellowship.
Interact Club Katie Schroeder Marybeth Sanchez
Rotary Interact Club is a nationally recognized organization that works in conjunction with the Park Ridge Rotary Club. Students in this organization volunteer their time to help people in the local community, nationally, and internationally. They commit to working together and putting service before themselves throughout the year.
Investment Club Johannes Beer , Joe Greguras , Amy Kladis

Investment Club is for all Maine South students who have an interest in investing in commodities. We experiment with investing techniques by using on-line stock market portfolio simulations. We use this investing simulations to run several different investing competitions during the year.

Irish Club Katie Schroeder Bob Tortorelli
Open to all students to learn more about the Irish culture through food, music, dance, film and sport. The club meets periodically before school and for club breakfasts and dinners.
It's a Stitch Felicia Lahart
It's a Stitch is a student-run club that meets once a week after school. Students are united by their interest in art, love of working with fiber-based materials and techniques such as embroidery, crochet, and knitting. No experience is necessary, and materials are supplied for most projects.
Italian Club Cristina Modica Tina Butera
More of a family than a school organization, we have breakfast together, big family dinners for the holidays and many more fun activities that embody our culture in the best ways. You are not required to be Italian, speak Italian or even take Italian to join. You must merely enjoy the warmth, company and culture of a group of people who love the Italian culture.
JSA Political Discussion Club Erin Sanchez , Katie Kaye

If you’re interested in politics, current affairs, or the upcoming election, then consider joining the JSA Political Discussion Club! This is a club welcome to people of all political ideologies who want to share ideas and learn more about key issues and events. Meetings are held once each month.

Juggling Club James Depies
Juggling Club meets briefly on Friday mornings to practice juggling. No experience is necessary. In fact, most members joined without knowing how to juggle and learned in the first few meetings. We juggle balls, rings, and clubs. In addition, we have juggling props like diabolos, cigar boxes, and devil's sticks. It is a great opportunity to learn a new skill that you can use for a lifetime with only a 15-20 minute commitment each week.
Key Club Jim McGowan
(Kiwanis Educating Youth) is a nationally recognized, student-led organization. It was founded to teach and develop leadership by serving others while having fun and making new friends at the same time. The people that we serve include those in need, those in our community and all the people around us.

Latinx Club welcomes all students.  In Latinx, we plan social events, create opportunities for cultural education within the school and work to make Maine South a more culturally responsive and accepting environment.

Martial Arts Club (Eagle South) Beth Vainowski
Eagle South Martial Arts Club incorporates two traditional Korean styles of karate: Tang Soo Do and Hapkido. Tang Soo Do emphasizes punching, kicking and blocking as a means of self-defense. Hapkido involves joint locks, pressure points and throws to effectively subdue an opponent. There are also opportunities for students to participate in tournaments and belt-ranking, if interested, although these are not mandatory.
Mathletes Peter Nilsen Mike Guccione Vicki OÕMalley Erin Grimm
(Math Team) competes against other schools investigating topics that are not often studied in the high school curriculum. We have grade level practices once a week and competitions about once a month. We compete in the NSML and ICTM contests.
Medical Careers Club Alexis Liakakos

The purpose of this club is to explore and provide exposure to different careers in medicine, discuss current medical and ethical issues and get first-hand experience in the basics of medicine and medicine-related skills.

Mindfulness Amy Kudlov
Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity. Learn self-awareness, empathy, and compassion techniques to calm and focus the mind and mindful communicationÑthe foundations for success in all areas of life. We will meet a few times each semester for Mindfulness Meditations and hope to plan a mini mindfulness retreat. Meeting times will be determined at our first meeting.
Mock Trial Team Don McArthur-Self

Mock Trial is a selective, competitive club. Team members take the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a trial before practicing attorneys and/or sitting judges. In all tournaments, the team must present both sides of the case in separate rounds. Students should be able to analyze complex information and be willing to see issues from multiple sides, as well as strategize about the best ways to present and argue information in a court under the rules of evidence.

Model United Nations Megan Smith Laurie Koshgarian
An academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the U.N. agenda. Participants role-play as delegates representing a nation in a simulated session of a committee of the U.N., such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Delegates research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult and then develop solutions (known as resolutions) to world problems. Maine South has been participating in Model United Nations events for over 20 years and attends about 4 to 5 conferences a year.
MSA Kevin Hansen , Abla Al Qaissi

MSA is a nationally recognized club that works towards providing an environment where Muslims and non-Muslims can come together to learn more about Islam and celebrate our differences and similarities.  Members can interact with one another through a variety of discussions, activities, and other service opportunities that will be held throughout the year.

National Forensic League TBA
An honor organization in which public speaking is rewarded. Students who are on our Speech Team for at least one year can earn the right to be inducted into the National Forensic League through participation in Speech Team events.
National Honor Society Don McArthur-Self

A national honors organization for secondary school students, chartered by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  The Maine South chapter of the National Honor Society is chartered by the national organization and is governed by the national’s rules and its own chapter bylaws.  Students with junior or senior standing who hold a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher at the close of the previous spring term are welcome to submit additional information for the Faculty to consider.  Invitation for membership is based on four criteria: Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service.  Membership invitations are sent after the review deadlines by a Faculty Advisory Council based on examination of transcripts, student-submitted materials, and other relevant school records.  Newly-invited NHS members are inducted in October of each year and are expected to maintain high levels of academic achievement, school and community leadership and volunteer service, including a minimum of twelve hours of service every six months.  The Maine South National Honor Society seeks to coordinate at least one service project each semester and members are also expected to volunteer as tutors for other students when their schedule permits during the school day.

NHS Website

Online Student Tutoring Center Zanfina Muja , Julianna Cucci
The Online Student Tutoring Center provides students with academic support for their courses. Students will be able to schedule one-on-one virtual appointments with Maine South student tutors for academic help in various content areas such as Math, Science, English, Social Science, World Languages, and Computer Science. Students will be able to schedule appointments by visiting the Virtual Tutoring Website created by a Maine South student. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are eligible to become student tutors. 
Orchesis Amelia Faulstick
An auditioned based club in the medium of dance. It is comprised of 20-30 students, freshman through seniors. Orchesis performs numerous times throughout the year with the highlight of the year being our annual concert in the winter that consists of student choreography along with guest choreography. Every other year the company takes an annual performance trip. Orchesis members continue to learn technique in dance as well as choreographic expertise. They grow as dancers, using their creativity and skill throughout the year.
PAC Ben Collins

The Principals Advisory Council (PAC) meets regularly with the building administration and with Dr. Collins.  These students help with the decision making process about policies, practices, and new initiatives at South.  Participation at all meetings and sessions is required and students should consider their own ability for a work load that allows for membership.  There is no GPA requirement and students are selected to represent the entire population to the greatest extent possible.  PAC executive board members are chosen once the membership is set in the Spring each year.  All sophomores though seniors are eligible for participation.

PALS Michelle Dwyer

A service organization whose purpose is to provide peer support to special needs students who may have a significant physical or emotional issue. The main duties of PALS members are to help special needs students navigate the Maine South building, become a peer advocate, become a general resource person and demonstrate typical age appropriate social skills and model age appropriate behaviors. An individual must apply and interview to become a member of PALS.

Photography Club Mary Lee Moore
Students explore darkroom and digital techniques in artistic and fun ways while creating exciting photo projects geared toward individual and group interest. Photo Club is an excellent opportunity for students to try their hand at photography in a pressure free environment of fellow photo-lovers.
Ping Pong Maureen Kudlik
Ping Pong Club offers students of all levels and abilities an opportunity to join together to socialize, learn and play Ping Pong.
Podcast Club Rachel Santucci

The podcast club gives students a platform to discuss and debate podcasts. As the world of podcasts seems to be growing every day, the club is a great opportunity to promote podcasts and learn about new ones. The club also serves as meetings for “Lunch Table Talk”, the podcast sponsored by the club. The meetings consist of outlining and planning every episode for the podcast which is recorded in school. All are welcome, experience with technology or podcasts is not necessary.

Poetry Jill Braverman
All students are invited to join the Poetry Club, a safe space to share original poetry. The club meets after school twice a month, hosts Open Mic nights, and participates in and/or supports team members at Louder Than a Bomb competitions. The club also encourages members to enter writing competitions, attend local poetry readings, and foster an appreciation for the written word.
Polish Club Marta Hall
A culture club that celebrates the Polish heritage and tradition of Polish students at Maine South. We celebrate the Polish culture through food, activities, and friendship!
Presidents' Club Dave Berendt
This offers an opportunity for the leaders of clubs and organizations to collaborate. You must be nominated by another Club Sponsor or Coach to be admitted to this group.
Radio Control Club T.J. Krause
A club for students to meet, discuss, share, build, operate, and repair radio controlled vehicles of all makes and model
Reaching Jason Dutmers Anna Serrano

The foreign language department’s literary magazine that was founded in 1990. It is run by a group of student editors and staff selected annually by the teachers in the foreign language department. Published at least once annually, the magazine is composed primarily of student work in all five languages taught at Maine South: French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Scott Tumilty
Our mission is to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions. The Maine South Chapter of SADD sponsors activities such as Red Ribbon Week and Drug Free Activity Nights in order to encourage students to live safe and healthy lifestyles.
Scholastic Bowl Amy Krukowski (Varsity) Lisa Buckley

A team academic competition similar to the TV show, Jeopardy. Players with strength of knowledge in one or many areas, including math, science, literature, the arts, geography, government, sports, technology and pop culture are encouraged to join. Practices are 1-2 times per week along with conference matches and weekend tournaments.

School Wide Fundraiser Laura Kirshner
A partnership of students and staff that guide the annual school wide fundraiser. From selecting the charity to presenteing the final check the individuals in this club are involved with the process.
Science Honor Society Chris Sayer Daun Biewenga
Science Olympiad Kay Wagner Andrew Pisanko
A team of students who complete in various scientific events from testing for knowledge to building and everything in-between.
Serbian Club Paul Bellisario

Open to all students who are interested in learning more about Serbian culture, food, performing arts, and film. We meet to sample Serbian food, talk about the country, and experience elements of the culture like watching Serbian films or dance performances.

Sign Language Group Jen Roddick-Small
Skate Club TBA
Skills USA Joe Greguras
A partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers, high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations.
Southwords Alexander Stathakis
Maine South's award-winning, student-run newspaper. Students create the newspaper layout, news and editorial content, photography, and graphics. As the voice of the students, Southwords accepts letters and articles from the student body but does not accept advertising of any kind.
Spanish Club Jose Arguello Francisco Barbas
A student activity organization for students interested in learning more about the Spanish language and the many cultures it embodies. Club activities are organized by an elected group of club officers. Activities include field trips to local museums, breakfasts to celebrate holidays, dinners at local restaurants, cultural activities such as dancing and more.
Spanish National Honor Society Jose Arguello , Francisco Barbas

Spanish National Honor Society affords the opportunity to members for linking their passion for the Spanish language and culture with doing service. Members look for opportunities to help out organizations that serve the Latino population of the area.

Speech Team TBA
An IHSA-sponsored and National Forensic League endorsed activity at Maine South High School. Students participate in a variety of events and compete with students from other schools. Everything from comedy to tragedy, from acting to formal expostulating, from single pieces to duet pieces is covered.
Spikeball Group Jill Braverman

An opportunity for students to play spikeball.

Sports Medicine Club Jerry Bornhoff
Instructs Maine South students in First Aid, CPR and to disseminate pertinent medical information. To apply learning in a hands-on environment to reinforce the information presented. To expose members to the many career options available in the medical field
Student Council Stephanie (Bishop) Simon Brian Fee

An organization that promotes school spirit and community involvement. Student Council plans assemblies, organizes the Homecoming week, creates spirit events, as well as plans and promotes the food drive, blood drive, and so much more. All students are welcome to join.

Tea Group Monique Clark

An opportunity for students and staff to share their enthusiasm for tea with others.  Discussions on the origin of tea and the process of making tea.

Thespian Society Carrie Saurer Pat Sanchez
An international society of honor for students involved in on-stage and backstage theater activities. As a student gets involved he or she earns points for each theater activity they participate in based on number of hours and difficulty. When a student meets all of the point qualifications they become a member of the Thespian Society.
Tri-M Honor Society Matthew Nix

The international music honor society. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. In addition to the honor society, there is an elected Tri-M board that is made up of the following positions: president, vice-president, treasurer and historian. The selection process for Tri-M Honor Society takes place in the spring.

Triathlon Club Alexis Liakakos

The purpose of the Triathlon Club is to create a community of active and engaged students interested in triathlon. No experience is necessary but an interest in swimming, biking and running is important. The group will bring together students to meet others interested in the sport and to discuss training for and competing in triathlon.

Under Class Council (Frosh & Soph) Jason Marsicano Garrett Fechner
Provides opportunities for its members to participate in service, social, school spirit and fundraising opportunities. Various activities are planned throughout the year, including monthly meetings
Varsity Club Brendan Smaha Laura Markus
Is for any athlete that has earned their varsity letter and wants to enhance the community within our athletic community. Varsity Club activities include fundraising, in which the proceeds go to various charities and scholarship opportunities, and we offer opportunities to volunteer and give back to the school and community and enhance school spirit at athletic events.
Vocal Jazz Ensemble Matthew Hanes

Vocal Jazz Ensemble is Maine South’s jazz, pop, and Broadway ensemble that performs at assemblies, on concerts, and around the community. Auditions are in the fall and only open to students enrolled in a choir class.

WMTH TV & Radio Mason Strom
Maine TownshipÕs own radio and TV stations, gives students the opportunity to broadcast their own shows to their friends, neighbors and relatives in the surrounding communities. In addition to playing music and reporting the latest school news, home football games are broadcast play-by-play and music concerts are streamed live over the internet.
Wrestle Techs Eve Muir-Wilson
The scorekeepers for the Maine South High School Wrestling Team. We support the team by creating hoops for the home meets, keeping score for the home and away meets, and more.
You Connect Katie Schroeder

This organization discusses topics about and around Social Media.