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Registration and Fees

Enrollment occurs in the fall each year for incoming 9th graders. Learn more about enrollment.

Registration occurs in the spring each year for all students. Learn more about registration.

Payment of fees is part of the registration process. Learn more about fees and the fee waiver process.

All students must prove residency to be enrolled in District 207 schools. Learn more about residency.

Any questions about enrollment, registration or fees can be addressed by the Student Service Office Contact listed below.

For transfer students and mid-year registrations, please contact the appropriate Student Services Office from the list below.

Student Service Office Contacts

Maine East Student Services:
Laura Tortorello
[email protected]

Cynthia Fuerte
[email protected]

Maine South Student Services:
Noreen King
[email protected]

Kyleen Coia
[email protected]

Maine West Student Services:

Barbara Perkins
[email protected]

Cristina Ramierz
[email protected]


Transfers and mid-year registration: Parents and students needing current and mid-year registration and enrollment information will need to contact the appropriate Student Services Office.