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Teacher Evaluation/Recertification

Teacher evaluation and professional growth
All teachers in Maine Township High School District 207 engage in ongoing professional growth throughout their careers. Teachers new to Maine 207 participate in the New Teacher Cohort Academy for their first four years of employment. During that time, teachers are supported with on-boarding mentor activities, full-day training in instructional strategies, and monthly after-school sessions focused on legal topics, IEP implementation, and equity. The program is designed and implemented with teacher leaders in each building and establishes supportive collaboration across the district to enhance professional learning.

Once teachers have earned tenure, they participate in ongoing with an instructional coach as well as through other opportunities for growth, such as CLEAR, Maine 207’s action research project. Instructional coaching and teacher leadership are critical pillars of Maine 207’s structure for ongoing innovation and improvement.

– Certified Evaluation Resource Site
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Teacher licensure and re-certification with the Illinois State Board of Education 
Teacher licensure and re-certification occurs through the Illinois State Board of Education Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS). If you require further assistance, please contact your re-certification liaison.