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Daun Biewenga

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Science classes emphasize asking students to learn new information, make hypotheses based on what they have learned, and then, methodically gather information to test those hypothesis. Whether or not students pursue a science career, scientific literacy is important for all citizens in the modern world. With the opportunity to learn about many different specific areas of science, students can learn and apply scientific thinking across the different core disciplines of science. Additionally, there are a number of courses that offer college credit as part of successful course completion through both Advanced Placement tests as well as through dual-credit with Oakton Community College. From the freshman biology through the advanced placement science courses, students have the opportunity to work with highly qualified teachers in well-equipped laboratories. Safety awareness is stressed in all of our science courses.

Resources for Science Students

Peer Tutoring - Students who need extra help in Science classes can receive help from Peer Tutors. On the Science Peer Tutoring website, you will find a list of student volunteers listed by course who can help you with homework, study for an upcoming test, or review previously learned material. You can also find some recommended resources and websites that may help you.  

Science Student Resources - You can learn about opportunities for high school science students in addition to the course offerings here at Maine South. Information about local and national science-related events, contests, scholarships, and summer camps are all posted here.

There are a variety of Science-related clubs and activities, including:

Ecology Club - Are you interested in nature and want to help improve our environment? Please see Mr. Howard Knodle or Mr. Doug Walter about joining this club, which meets regularly after school all year long.

Engineering Club - Are you interested in robotics, bridge-building, and the design of how things work? Do you think engineering might be a career that interests you? Give it a try at Engineering Club! See Ms. Kay Wagner in room V123 for details about how you can join this club and participate.

Rube Goldberg Contest - Each year, Maine South physics students participate in this exciting contest to build a complex machine to accomplish a simple task. Students begin preparing for the contest in December and compete in February-March. Please see Mr. Jeff Downing, Mr. Jack Marino, or Mr. Jim Depies for more information.

Science Olympiad - Students on the Science Olympiad Team compete against other schools in a variety of events that cover all areas of science. Please  contact Ms. Kay Wagner for details on how you can join this team and represent our school. You can also see the national Science Olympiad Website for further details about the competition and organization.

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