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Dear Parent/Guardian:
The purpose of this letter is to inform you that continuing in the 2016-2017 school year, ALL families with student/s at Maine South and students who are new to Maine South are required to provide proof of residency every year before students are permitted to enroll.
We are proud of the educational opportunities that we provide our students at Maine South. Our intent in verifying each student’s residency is to ensure that we are in compliance with state law and to fulfill our obligation to District 207 taxpayers that we allocate our resources to educate students who are legitimately entitled to attend our school.
Above you will find:
Affirmation of Legal Residency (Required for ALL Students). Students who are new to Maine South this school year are required to provide proof of residency before students are permitted to enroll. Note that it lists the documents you are required to provide to the school to verify your residency. You must submit this form and copies of the requested supporting documents before you will be allowed to purchase books.
Submit residency forms to:
Mr. Kevin Scotellaro, Director of Student Personnel Services
Maine South High School
1111 South Dee Road
Park Ridge, IL 60068
You can also scan and email your documents to:

If we obtain information indicating that you do not live in the Maine South attendance area we will conduct a thorough investigation of your residency which may require additional proof of residence.

Please note that owning property in District 207 in which you DO NOT reside DOES NOT make you a legal resident and therefore DOES NOT qualify your child to attend school at Maine South. The Illinois School Code mandates that you and your child actually reside, on a permanent basis, in the attendance area in order for your child to attend school.
Parents who falsify their residence information for the purpose of obtaining tuition-free attendance for their children at this high school commit a criminal offense and may be subject to legal action. Also, District 207 may take legal action for recovery of tuition.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Shawn P. Messmer
Maine South High School 1111 South Dee Road Park Ridge, IL 60068|Main Office: 847.825.7711
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